SaltArt lavishly designs a big pink salt slab from the mines for eating purposes. As it has no harmful qualities within the absolutely cleansed salts from the Himalayas, these salt stones can also serves as a mineral supplier for the rearing animals on the farmland. Treat your pet animals with a gift that has minerals in abundance. Animals such as horses, goats, cows, dogs, cats and chickens that are kept as pets or reared on the farm enjoy licking Salt every time they feel that the mineral concentration within their bodies is low. Luckily, unlike medicines, Salt licks can never be harmful for the animals and they are side-effects clear too. They are widely used by ranching industries and SaltArt can shape the slabs according to the demands of the companies. Due to the excessive heat in summer, the animals feel dehydrated and low on mineral levels so they can easily take a lick from the slabs placed in front of them and recover their strength from the consumption of pure salt minerals. There are various mineral deficiencies that can further lead to chronic diseases among the animals but our company SaltArt makes sure that the quality is authentic and each salt stone contains Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, Selenium and many more minerals that helps the animals in maintaining their immune system and living a healthy life. Keep the Salt Licks away from water and rain as it dissolves in water.

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