What’s so Great about Himalayan Salt Products?

It is not difficult to understand why salt has always been so vital to mankind. Himalayan salt is meant to be much purer than sea salt. It contains supreme flavors from the ancient sea with rich minerals. Himalayan salt is 100% natural unprocessed translucent crystals. It is extracted directly by hand as keeping up with the tradition.
SaltArt is a family business based on the principles of Honesty, Transparency and quality. Our company is all set to provide the best Himalayan rock Salt products from Pakistan in its purest and finest form, mined all the way from deep within the foothills of Himalayas.

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Our Story

Our company is HACCP and ISO certified as one of the most efficient manufacturer of Salts around the world so there’s no doubt about the quality check which is always our priority. Nothing can compete with our flexibility in orders and customization in packaging. We even let you choose the design and we modify products according to the demands of our valuable customers. SaltArt aims to provide our product shipments throughout the world. You name it, we deliver it.


Light Pink Salt
Salt Lamps
Candle Holders
SPA & Construction
Night Lights
Iron Baskets
Animal Lick Salt


Our production units are in Kalabagh, Quid-Abad, and Lahore. We have two food grade stain less steel crushing plants installed in Kalabagh. Our estimated production Capacity for the mentioned products is as following:

Food Grade Salt: Minimum 1000 MT per Month
Salt Lamps: Minimum 35000 PCs per Month
Salt Blocks: Depends on the size of block and availability of the appropriate raw material. Minimum Capacity – 25000 Pcs per Month.

We at SaltArt are always ready to facilitate our customers Packaging requirements.

We offer OEM and ODM services. If you have any Question or Specific Packaging Requirements please feel free to contact us.

Our salt comes from Mines of Kalabagh and Warcha, Quid-Abad.
We run two Mining Operations in Kalabagh. Our Mining Team led by the Mining Engineer work hard to excavate Pure Salt from these Mines using Room and Pillar Method, strictly following Mining Regulations.
From Mining to Manufacturing to Supplying all over the World, We got it all Covered.

We are strictly against child labour and don’t engage in such practices. Our staff is professional, Experienced and Talented people who use expertise in both mining and molding the salts in various designs and turning them into exotic items.

To ensure the Safety of our Production Team, they are provided with gloves and helmets to avoid any physical damage. Each one of our staff member goes through medical process as per the government rules. In case any team member is dealing with any medical illness, we make sure that they are given proper Medical attention and paid leave until they are fully recovred and fit to work again.

SaltArt is an eco-friendly Company. We believe in green environment, and by practicing environment friendly activities we try to contribute as much as we can to make it Healthier.

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