Candle Holders

Salt crystals that are mined from Himalayan Mountains are turned into classy salt candle holders that will emit a very radiating light that can calm you down. If you heat the salt, it releases negative ions that will purify the air with its ionizing power. Our bodies contain a specific chemical structure which is exact carbon copy to the salt that is produced by our company, SaltArt. Refreshing air and good sleep can lead to positive mindset and keep a person emotionally and physically healthy and happy.

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Benefits of Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

Salt candle holders sure are a great piece of addition to the home decoration. These candle holders when placed in a room, produces an exotic effect and creates a romantic environment.

Our Salt candle holders:
• Act as an air purifier
• Ready to-go gifts
• Do holistic healing treatment, also known as aroma therapy
• Helps in reducing blood pressure
• Contains 94% minerals and other trace elements
• Improves sleep
• Essential Oil Diffusers

Salt candle holders are an ideal and favorable choice for eateries as they produce warm and welcoming ambiance. Salt candle holders are much smaller in size as compared to salt lamps. Instead of a bulb there is a small candle fixed at the center. These salt candles do not light up the whole place but gives it an alluring effect. If you want to turn your place from drab to fabulous, then this is it. Many people complain of facing Insomnia and restlessness during the night, these are general symptoms of stress. Salt candle holders eliminate stress and one can have good night’s sleep.