SaltArt is a family business based on the principles of Honesty, Transparency and quality. Our company is all set to provide the best Himalayan pink Salt products from Pakistan in its purest and finest form, mined all the way from deep within the foothills of Himalayas.


Ellahi Trading Company took the initiative in 2003 and dived deep into the Salt business. All these years have been the proof of its success and excellence. That little initiative has boomed into SaltArt, a project which is unchallengeable in terms of quality. We are one of the leading Himalayan pink salt exporters from Pakistan. We are currently running two Mining operations in Salt Mines of Kalabagh which is our Main production unit with an upgradable production capacity of over 100 tons per day.

Our Head office is located in Lahore.

Himalayan Salt – Natural healing & beauty for your home

Being one of the prestigious pink salt suppliers in Pakistan, our professional team members create handcrafted items that have the most exotic designs. Himalayan Salts are shaped into various useful items such as relaxing massage stones which are further molded into scented soaps, remarkable candle holders and Salt lamps that gives a luxurious touch of extravagance and comfort. We provide not only just the most promising quality of Himalayan salt but also tremendous offers on our salt products in Pakistan within reasonable and affordable range.

Here at SaltArt, Customer’s satisfaction is our top priority, for that we work hard to stay up to date with the Market trends. We understand the buyer’s demands and put in our best effort to fulfill all the requirements. Be it Pink Edible Salt, Salt Lamps, Candle Holders, Bath Salts, Animal Lick Salt, Salt Tiles, Customized Packaging, Private Labeling, SaltArt is your GO-TO Company. As the saying goes, You name it, We deliver it.

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