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Himalayan salts are widely known for instilling peace of mind and they are used for spiritual and meditation purposes. The stones are pure from all the toxic pollutants compared to table salts, so if you heat them for massaging purposes, they tend to act as muscle and joint relaxants. They relieve pain and inflammation, so the user is completely stressed free.  Since they are the purest form of salt, they are best used for skin therapy, Salts do wonder as compared to conventional massages and moisturizes the skin, cleansing the pores and giving a very sharp glow. There are no side-effects and no further medication is needed as these Himalayan Salt stones are magical enough in their healing and massaging process. Many Cosmetics Companies use Pink salt as an ingredient for their Facial Scrubs and other Skin care products. Pink salt stones are used for Massage purpose.

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Himalayan Bath Salt and its Usability in Beauty & Skincare Industry

 Pink Salt Granules also termed as bath salts can be used while bathing for its various Benefits. Just put some salt in warm water and let it dissolve. It enhances the enjoyment of bathing and gives you warm feelings of relaxation. It also acts as a natural healer and gives you several health benefits.
Salt Art is the leading exporter of salt blocks and salt tiles. Our products are extracted right from the mountains of century’s ancient extraordinary Himalayan salt range. We are now providing all kinds of salt blocks and tiles and that too at affordable rates. Providing quality product and customer satisfaction are two main priorities of Salt Art. In previous recent years, the increase in usage of Himalayan salt is observed as different architects and designers have started using for building purposes all over the world. One should use salt bricks and tiles to give their place a vintage look. High-end restaurants have built unique looking backdrops using salt blocks. These salt blocks are also used by butchers for lining meat aging cellars. Our customers use salt bricks to build gleaming altars as well.